December 2019

The Namibian summer in SESFONTEIN has started. Temperatures from ca. 35° C helps to forget the dark and cold Europe soon and AIR-CON in all rooms and the large and inviting POOL offers alternatives.

The first rainfall with 10 mm has happened already and human, animals and vegetation are looking forward that the annual average rainfall for this arid area   with 100mm will be reached up to Mars. The Lodge business however is not affected from this showers which might happen on some days in late afternoon or at night. 

Also our Safaris take place all over the year. The Lodge got 2 open Game-Viewer each 10 seats and a 4 x4 VW Mircrobus. So we have sufficient 4x4 capacities for our guests.

With selected activities we want to get your stay in the Fort as attractive as possible. Therefore  we offer to our guests 3 exciting individual day- tours, which show the Beauty and Authenzität of former Africa  very, very well.       

Our excursions lead you in a still untouched Africa and offer you worldwide unique in the HOANIB area in free range also elephants, lions and rhinos. We guide you to prehistoric more than 1000 years old rock engravings or visit with you the HIMBA tribe in their traditional villages in Kaokoveld.           

Our management team with GIDEON, CLEMENTIA und ZEDEKIAS are running the lodge business and will take care of you. With personal service, good wines and a delicious daily changing 3 –Course –Menue prepared by Gustav our new chef, we offer a nice, friendly atmosphere and you feel at home. Enjoy the Ambiente and the special comfort of the historical Fort Sesfontein relax and enjoy the highlight of your Namibian trip.

The Fort Sesfontein Team will be pleased to welcome you.

Our Guests on the tower