June 2022

Return of desert elephants in Hoanib!
Our Guests on the tower

Dear interested Person,

Now with the experiences of the Corona restrictions, we also want to report on the impressions of a current Namibia trip. The travel preparations corresponded to the usual ones, select and book the flight. There are also alternatives between direct flights and flights with a stopover as the cheaper option. Nevertheless, the direct flight was almost fully booked and tests were not required for vaccinated people, but it was still necessary to wear a mask on the flight, which wasn't found to be particularly annoying.

When entering Namibia, a helath station was preferred to the visa. The health questionnaire had to be filled out on the plane and the QR code on the vaccination status had to be presented. Everything went quickly and even the visa stations had been expanded to include many more stations. In this way, the luggage belt could be reached before the luggage arrived, and all of this on an almost fully booked plane. The number of tourists in the country is still low, while individual travelers certainly report bottlenecks, for example with rental cars, bus trips only take place occasionally. In general, there seems to be a shift here.
The diverse beauties of the country are particularly enhanced this year by the heavy rainfall in the country after many years of drought.

So now people and animals can hope and visitors enjoys a green land. The play of colors of golden grass shimmering in the wind and the lush green of bushes and trees under a deep blue sky provide moving impressions. In the hoanib river you can now find the desert elephants agian next to the other animals of africa. They willingly show off their offspring and in a group of 14 elephants there are 4 very young calves.The fruits of the Ana tree can be enjoyed extensively.

Also in Sesfontein, an arid area, the precipitation was particularly heavy than it had been for years. There was also some flood damage that could already be repaired and the joy of the wet remained. The entry into the Hoanib at Elephant Song is again possible for knowledgeable guides. However, we advise against driving in your own because of the moisture still present in the ground.

Fort Sesfontein Lodge operations have resumed and the occupancy figures are pleasing. For more easier going the Lodge joined the Central Booking and Reservation Service of RES.DEST which you get by using the green BUTTON „ BOOKING „ on each page or under e- mail

For our guests from SADC and NAM there is a special on availibility.

We the team of Fort Sesfontein will be pleased welcomming you in our beautiful area and let you participating in our Aktivities presenting Highlights of NAMIBIA.         

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