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MARCH 2021

Dear interested Person,
After the strong travel restrictions for Namibia with closure of all frontiers starting on 18 of Mars up to middle of September 2020, now with the Tourist Revival Initiativ of the Government, Tourismen becomes possible again. The international Airport of Windhoek  opened again and non -stop- flights from Frankfurt Germany to Windhoek Namibia are possible again.

The engaged acting of the Namibian Goverment but also the smal population on an area    2 times big than Germany helped to limite the pandemie and incomming tourist will move more or less in a virus -free room.

But to protect the Tourist as well the local population the Government has taken some measurees for the beginning Tourismen.

Acc. to German RKI- Institut NAMIBIA aktuell is no Region of Virusvariants, is no region of high Incidences, but since 14. Feb. 2021 is still corona risk area like most regions in Germany.
To travel to NAMIBIA is possible, you have to submit still a negative Covid PCR Test result not older than 7 days from testing, even when you are vaccinated.VISAs on Arrival  will be granted up to 3 month.

Accomadation should only take place at NTB registered places. Fort Sesfontein Lodge is registered under LOD 00146 and additional Inspection take place to give guests maximal safty.

Fort Sesfontein Lodge is operating again  and for more easier going the Lodge joined the Central  Booking and Reservation Service of RES.DEST which you get by using the green BUTTON  BOOKING on each page or under e- mail

For our guests from SADC & NAM we can provide a special offer on request valid until 30th of June 2021.

We the team  of Fort Sesfontein will be pleased welcomming you in our beautiful area and let you participating in  our Aktivities presenting Highlights of NAMIBIA.                                                                                   

For actual impression of Fort Sesfontein Lodge and Safaris please visit our E-Book that you can open with the button below.